Doctoral degree / Habilitation

Doctoral degree

The Faculty awards a Doctorate in Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) or in Engineering (Dr.-Ing.) on the basis of a scholarly work (dissertation) and an oral examination (defence of the doctoral dissertation –disputation).

Completion of the doctoral dissertation and the disputation shall be accepted as evidence of particular competence for advanced independent work in a mathematic, natural scientific or engineering discipline.

Further information on Doctoral Degrees is available here.



The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences offers graduates the chance to research and teach independently at Kiel University in one or more scientific areas. The scientific area has to be represented by a professorship.

After concluding the habilitation, the candidate has earned the right to carry the additional title “habilitata” or “habilitatus” (abbr. habil. ) beside their doctoral title. Candidates who have not earned a doctoral degree will receive the academic title “Doktorin habilitata” or “Doktor habilitatus” (abbr. Dr. habil.). 

On request, the President of Kiel University can grant the authorisation to teach upon approval of the faculty. This authorisation implies the right to carry the title “Privatdozent” or “Privatdozentin”.

Further information on habilitations is available here.