Application for admittance to habilitation process

The application should be submitted in writing to the Dean. 

The application must contain all of the following:

  • Habilitation thesis (sevenfold)
  • Curriculum Vitae (sevenfold)
  • Examiners’ recommendation
  • Certificate of completed studies
  • PhD certificate and a copy of the thesis
  • Publication list (sevenfold)
  • List of given lectures and teaching activities (sevenfold)
  • Certificate of completing a course in University didactics
  • Declaration that candidate has not applied for habilitation at another institution
  • Declaration of amount of collaborative work with co-authors (cumulative)
  • Declaration of nationality
  • (If candidate is not a staff member of Kiel University:) Clearance certificate, specified purpose: Habilitation; may not be older than six months. It will be issued at the “Bürger- und Ordungsamt” (in German) and will take about two weeks to be ready; postal address of the Dean’s office is available here.
  • Application for teaching licence (“Lehrbefugnis”)