Marvellous Maths!

Mathematics has a very long tradition in science. Its core idea is to abstract and reduce everything to its essence. In doing so, its findings are universal, and they not only shape our modern society in various ways, but also constitute an impressive human achievement and beauty in themselves.

In dealing with mathematics, students learn how to reduce problems to their essence, to argue with logical rigour, to find imaginative solutions and to make connections  between seemingly unconnected matters. In doing so, they learn to work with the most important “language” of the natural and economic sciences.

Mathematicians are well liked on the labour market due to their structured way of dealing with problems and the analytical skills they possess. Mathematical methods are a must in various jobs: statistical techniques in the medical sector and insurances, stochastic, financial methods at banks and the finance sector, numeric simulation and various technical applications, as well as teaching maths at schools.

Courses at the Department of Mathematics

  • Mathematics B.Sc.
  • Mathematics M.Sc.
  • Financial Mathematics M.Sc.
  • Mathematics B.Sc. / B.A., becoming a teacher
  • Mathematics M.Ed., becoming a teacher

More information on individual courses can be found here.