The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF) is the second largest faculty at Kiel University. 5,700 students are enrolled in our classes, 140 professors teach here – making us the largest body of teaching staff at a single faculty. Furthermore, the amount of third party funding is one of the highest in Germany. Our faculty is divided into eight departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Geography, Geoscience, and Marine Science.

Our departments put a strong emphasis on research and collaborate closely not only with each other, but also with many departments at the university as well as institutions outside the university.

An overview of the organization of each department and committees is available by clicking on the following PDF (in German).

In 2013, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences was celebrating its 50th anniversary and various events will took place throughout the year. Further information is available here (in German).

Interdisciplinary work is of major importance at our faculty. Our collaborative objectives cover research of various departments of the MNF, of other faculties and international institutions. To develop it further is a major goal of the MNF. Also, we would like to establish new fields of research that will deal with major current and future problems. The results are to be combined on an interdisciplinary level.

Regardless of current trends, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences will continue to support individual projects. These are what can  lay the ground for new, interdisciplinary research.