Originally, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF) was part of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Kiel University. In the 1960s, the latter was very popular with students and bursting at its seams; for this reason, the department of Mathematics and Natural Science was segregated. In 2013 the MNF celebrated its 50th anniversary (in German).

During the last 350 years, since the founding of the University, renowned scientists have worked at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Kiel. Among them were Johanna Mestorf, the first female head of a museum and university institution, and Andreas Victor Hensen, a marine scientist who coined the term “plankton”. Eduard Bucher and Otto Diels, both Nobel laureate in Chemistry, Max Planck, who won the Nobel prize in Physics, and Hans Geiger, inventor of the famous Geiger counter, were also among the scientists who were active at Kiel University.

Johanna Mestorf   Victor Hensen   Eduard Buchner  

Otto Diels   Max Planck   Hans Geiger


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