New state regulation on corona measures from January 08, 2021

The State Ordinance on Corona Measures, dated January 8, 2021, contains strict requirements for courses, teaching and examinations. Therefore, the following regulations must be put into effect immediately. Even though this contains impositions, it is imperative to comply with the Land Ordinance. It is the responsibility of the module supervisors to ensure that.

  1. The cohort regulation is no longer valid. All face-to-face courses based on cohorts are to be discontinued immediately.
  2. Attendance exercises, internships, excursions, etc. are only permitted if the course cannot be carried out in any other form, cannot be made up during the semester break, and if this clearly avoids an extension of study time.
  3. Attendance exercises, practicals, excursions etc. may only be carried out with strict and permanent observance of a distance of 1.5 meters and use of the MNB. If this is not safely possible, the course may not be held in presence.
  4. Attendance examinations including individual examinations and disputations are no longer permitted and must be replaced by video conferencing or other digital formats. Exceptions are only possible upon request with precise justification of a compelling reason and must be approved by the Dean or Dean of Studies. Alternatively, consideration should be given to postponing the examination.