Further regulations


The forms already completed on hazards in laboratories, office and PC workplaces etc. are still valid. These forms deal with hazards and protective measures when handling work equipment, biological agents, hazardous substances, radiation, etc.

No longer valid is the form "Risk Assessment for Continuation of University Operations during a Pandemic until Official Declaration of Termination. (2020 - Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2)" dated 10/13/2020, which was updated in October and can be found at the following link: https://www.sicherheitsingenieur.uni-kiel.de/de/themen/corona. This form only asks about the handling of the coronavirus.

Due to the new rules, home office must be used by all persons whose activity is basically suitable for this. This applies to all employees and professors. I ask everyone to behave responsibly and in an exemplary manner.

The current pandemic conditions do not usually allow for face-to-face exams. Therefore, the exams in the upcoming exam periods of the winter semester are to be conducted digitally. Face-to-face examinations are only permitted with the express permission of the Dean. Detailed regulations will be issued by the central administration in the next few days.

For students with children under the age of 14, there is an exemption rule per state regulation. For all other students there will be no free attempt rule in the winter semester. The regular examination conditions for the awarding of grades will apply. If there are any hardship cases in the course of online examinations, these must be reported to the Dean's Office so that measures can be taken if necessary.

For the coming summer semester, it is assumed that everything that can be done digitally will be offered digitally. Presence events are probably only permitted for internships etc. and in compliance with the strict hygiene regulations.
I ask for your consideration. I know that much of this is imposition and can only hope that we will see a significant reduction in incidence levels in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully, the above measures will contribute to this.
With best regards
Frank Kempken