New Corona regulation for universities


Dear colleagues,

also for the university sector from 2021-03-08 relaxation steps are planned, even if initially only to a very moderate extent:

As of March 08 practical courses may be held in presence and without the restrictions that this is only possible in justified exceptions, if otherwise the conclusion would be delayed.

Important for the laboratory practical courses, which are occasionally also planned in the lecture-free period, is the again possible temporary undercutting of the minimum distance for fixed groups. This is coupled with the requirement that medical or FFP2 masks be worn.

The previous restrictions on library services are eliminated. Similar to the state's regulation for other libraries, the university corona ordinance now only has restrictions on the number of visitors based on the size of the library. This provides the opportunity to gradually expand the library's services again over the next few weeks.

This information will also be available on the MNF site beginning Monday. Additional relaxations are expected in the coming weeks. Overall, good news at last.

With best regards
Frank Kempken