Winter semester 2020/21

  1. The faculty has different needs for attendance events in the eight sections.
  2. Personal contacts at the university are essential for first-year students. Therefore, at least some face-to-face events should be organised in all sections to enable the students to arrive and get to know each other.
  3. The students are to be informed in time via the websites mentioned under (4) which online and classroom events are planned. If all details are listed in Univis, a corresponding note on the website is sufficient. In agreement with the heads of the sections, this information will not be published simultaneously by all sections on the websites until 24.08.2020.
  4. The corresponding websites for the Sections are:
  5. In sections with a mixture of face-to-face exercises with digital lectures, studyability must be ensured by making all digital lectures available as recordings, because it is not possible for students to commute between university and home in a sequence of online and face-to-face events. Alternatively, in subjects that are not part of a double degree programme, online and presence events can be staggered so that there are no time problems.
  6. For persons at risk and foreign students who are unable to attend attendance events, disadvantage compensation or alternative offers must be created.
  7. Hygiene and distance rules must be observed for face-to-face events. This requires, for example, a reduction in the number of people in the rooms and thus a reduction in the number of courses or a larger range of parallel events with a reduced number of participants*. Mixed forms of presence and video formats are also possible.
  8. It may be possible to apply the so-called cohort principle in the winter semester. The cohort principle makes it possible to do without distance rules in fixed groups. A hygiene concept is of course still necessary. Corresponding plans are to be reported to the Dean in good time so that this can be deposited with the Presidential Board. However, students in double degree courses or in export modules CANNOT participate in the cohort principle!

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