Women are underrepresented in high-ranking positions within the scientific sector. AcademiaNet aims to change this situation. The association wants to establish a network of highly qualified women scientists with management skills in order to raise their prominence and accessibility. Interested parties can join the network if they fulfil the following criteria.

1. Outstanding academic performance measured according to:
  • Publications
  • Prizes and other awards, such as a distinguished fellowship or membership in a prestigious academic circle third-party funding independently raised or won from outside sources
  • Number of patents
  • The type and number of talks invited to give at international conferences

2. Independent leadership activities

e.g having already been the leader of an independent research group.

3. Academic credentials

The candidate's academic profile should be clearly recognisable, e.g. work as head of a Max Planck Society junior research group.

4. Further supporting criteria

  • Balancing family with an academic career
  • International experience
  • Visiting professor position held
  • Teaching activities
  • Social commitment
  • Involvement in research and university committees