Gender Research Group

Institute for Social Science at Kiel University

Gender - Diversity

A new perception of men and women’s roles in society, changing concepts of identity and life paths of men and women alike, a changing demography, migration and globalisation – these factors have created an astonishing diversity within society as well as in individuals. This generates new opportunities, but also conflicts. Diversity is a new area of research that we encounter at various levels of society – companies, administration and scientific organisations. Diversity is also a key term which in short stands for shaping social processes in groups and organisations in such a way that the increasing gender mix, and diversity in the backgrounds of all involved, is perceived as an opportunity.

Research, teaching, publishing

The Gender Research Group researches, places and publishes new topics in gender and diversity research. Each semester, new classes and a research colloquium take place. Since the Gender Research Group was founded, international symposia on diverse topics have been organised with the aim of communicating the newest research regularly.