Association for Women in Natural Science and Engineering

Association of women who work and study in the natural sciences or technical areas

The  "NUT - Women in Science and Technology"  was founded in 1988 at the annual congress of women in Natural Science and Engineering. The founding members wanted to establish a permanent lobby group which would publicly represent their interests. NUT has approximately 300 members from all areas of the scientific fields of Natural Science and Engineering such as biology, chemistry, physics, technical environment protection, informatics, agricultural science, mathematics, and process engineering. They are students or employees, working in the industry or science, or they are self-employed. We welcome every woman involved in Natural Science or Engineering.

Tasks and goals of NUT:

  • to support women in Natural Sciences and Engineering
  • to promote the feminist critique of science
  • to advance the development of ecologically and socially sustainable alternatives in science and technology
  • to reduce the discrimination of women in science and technology
  • to raise the awareness for the situation of women in male-dominated professions
  • to enhance information exchange
  • to encourage interdisciplinary cooperation