Guide for Women in Kiel

At a glance - Collection of addresses assembled by the Equal Opportunities Commissioner of Kiel University

This brochure (German only) is for women in special situations who need consultation, support and suggestions. It directs them to organisations and institutions which might be of help. At the same time, it offers women the chance to get into networks and make new connections in consultation services, initiatives and institutions that work for and with women in Kiel.

The consultation service includes:

  • Social Stability  
  • Children  
  •  Leisure and relaxation
  •  Work
  •  Homosexual women 
  •  Mobility  
  •  Health 
  •  Women of foreign descent / migrants
  •  Culture, education, science  
  •  Violence 
  •  Older women 
  •  Politics, general public
  •  Matrimony and partnership
  •  Girls 
  •  Help yourself 
  •  Pregnancy and family 
  •  Assisted living 

Addresses, contact persons, opening hours and content may vary. If you can’t get in touch with an institution, please contact the Equal Opportunity Office (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte / Referat für Gleichstellung). They will always have the most recent information available.


Address  Andreas-Gayk-Straße 31 (Building A)
24103 Kiel
Phone   +49 431 901 2056