Information about our tasks and services

Do we still need equal opportunities measures? Often, this topic seems to be old-fashioned, a relic from the 1950s and 1960s, when women burned their stockings and began to demand jobs of their own. But it is a fact that

  • men and women are still not treated equally when they apply for the same job. Often, family matters are a concern are regarded as the woman’s sole responsibility.
  • men and women are not paid the same salary. In 2011, this difference lay between 8 and 25 percent (depending on the kind of job and place of residence within Germany).
  • men are more often asked to take on a full-time job.

Therefore, our tasks consist of

  • handing out information on the possibilities of financial support (e.g. scholarships for re-entering University programs within the framework of “Hochschulsonderprogramm II”, Marie Curie, and annually scholarships awarded by the faculty itself) or of studying with children (leaflet available at AStA or the Family Service office)
  • involvement in the University's self-government (senate, convent, faculty commissions)
  • drawing up of equal opportunity plans for the faculty and Kiel University
  • involvement in appointment committees (with veto rights) in cooperation with the staff council. We try to make sure that the ratio of male and female employees is or will be balanced.