Promotion of women scientists at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Promotion of female scientists

From the doctoral level to the habilitation level, the number of female scientist drops rapidly. In order to support young scientists in this phase of their career and research, the following measures have been decided on and implemented:

The Math.-Nat.-Faculty supports you


The University Broad supports you

Equal opportunitie

  • Contact at the faculty: the Equal Opportunities Office staff (German only)
  • Budget for equal opportunities (German only):funding for travel expenses for conferences, education and training, contribution towards fund for invited lecturers or speakers, projects with female students, gender research prize, returning to work grants, funding of student assistants to female scientists with children or during pregnancy, mentoring programs, support of “Junior professors” and female scientist network
  • Via:mento:mentoring program to promote career of doctoral candidates
  • Start-up funding (German only) for female post-docs at the faculty, annual amount 20,000 Euros
  • W1 program German only): start-up funding for equipment of “Junior professors”; annual amount: 10,000 Euros


Family Service

  • Contact at the faculty  Family Service Office team
  • Childcare: during conferences, holiday program for pupils, consultation service for working with children, Welcome Service for new citizens, Dual Career for appointed professors, “Children and Campus”, “Best Practise

Education and Training

  • Contact at Kiel University: staff of the Department of Continuing Education and Further Education
  • The service includes training courses in university didactics, self-competence, management, coaching, career planning, collegial supervision, personnel management, strengthening of resources, communication and self-marketing