The Botanical Garden at Kiel University is part of the Department of Biology in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Across its eight hectares the garden exhibits a wide range of various plant communities including mountainous plants. Inside the greenhouses you will also find plants originating from tropical habitats and deserts. Approximately 14,000 different species of plants offer a comprehensive overview of the plant kingdom.

The Botanical Garden is one of the largest training centres for horticulture in Schleswig-Holstein and offers young people on-the-job training to become a horticulturist. We offer eleven training positions. The training contents overlap with courses from several other horticultural fields. The Botanical Garden works closely with Kiel University in such areas as preparing test material or growing plants on trial plots.

Basic information:

On-the-job training takes three years if you hold a secondary school certificate (“Realschulabschluss”) and two if you passed your A-levels (“Abitur”). It starts on August 1st of every year.
You will learn:
  • cultivation and multiplication/propagation of plants
  • Production of substrates and earths
  • International trade of seedlings with other Botanical Gardens
  • Biological plant protection
  • Cultivation work: pruning, protective measures for winter season, mowing
  • Public relations: organisation of events such as “Tropical Night” “open days”, “Butterfly exhibition”, etc.
  • Participation in courses and advanced training

We offer internships for pupils as well as for job trials.


Applications can be sent to Michael Braun (see below). They should contain a current CV, a copy of your school report, certificates of other internships as well as a personal photograph (optional).

Deadline for all applications for on-the-job training: November of the year prior to the start of your training.

Contact person at the Botanical Garden:

Technical Director
  Michael Braun
+49 431 880-4276
EMail: hortus@bot.uni-kiel.de