Industrial mechanic for precision devices


For 50 years we have offered on-the-job training at the Central Workshop at the Physics Centre at Kiel University. We offer ten vocational training opportunities for future industrial mechanics for precision devices.


Basic information:

The training lasts 3 years and starts in September of each year.

Contents of the training:

Industrial mechanics play an important part in a lot of companies. They ensure that machines and devices function correctly. The manufacturing of machine components is also part of their job as well as maintenance and servicing of installations. They determine failures and fix them. Custom spare parts can be manufactured by the mechanic him-/herself.

What does it take?:
Precision and concentration are of importance in this field of work because technical data for maintenance and servicing of machines has to be analysed and implemented. A sound knowledge of mathematics is necessary; apprentices need to calculate linear measures and angles for the manufacturing of customised spare parts. A sound knowledge of physics is also required for understanding the operation methods of machines and installations. Math skills make it easier to work with control technology and computer-controlled machines.

We also offer internships to try out  jobs, as well as for engineering or technical job training.
During Girl’s day we annually show interested girls the benefits of training for a technical job.



Please note:

At the “Leistungswettbewerb des Deutschen Handwerks” (the German Central Association of Skilled Trades’ competition) our apprentices have shown particular success. At national level, one was awarded second place, and twice they have received a bronze award. Within the state of Schleswig-Holstein we have had recipients of gold, silver and bronze awards – including  one female state winner.

During the on-the-job training, we work closely with other institutes at Kiel University such as the workshop of the Faculty of Engineering, the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) and the workshop at the Institute of Biochemistry. We always try to cooperate with other workshops in order to improve our training course even further.



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Contact person at the Central Workshop:


Training officer
  Michael Brix
+49 431 880-3802