Examination offices at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The examination offices (Prüfungsamt, PA) are responsible for all students enrolled in courses associated with their sections. They are also in charge of managing the exams belonging to classes and modules associated with their sections.

PA of the Department of Mathematics (in German)

PA of the Department of Physics  (in German)

PA of the Department of Chemistry

PA of the Department of Biology  (in German)

PA of the Department of Geography (in German)

PA of the Department of Geoscience (in German) 

Examination boards

The committees responsible for Bachelor and Master’s degree programs can be found here (in German).

The above mentioned examination offices are no longer responsible for the Diploma programs of Mathematics, Geoscience, Geophysics, Geology, Mineralogy, Pre- and Early History, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, which will be discontinued. Please refer to the appropriate examination board (in German).

Students enrolled in two sections and who are studying to become teachers, please refer to the joint examination office  (in German) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Centre for Teacher Training (in German).

Responsibilities concerning imported modules

In the case of modules and examinations taken at other sections, the examination office of the appropriate section is responsible for managing examinations. They should be contacted accordingly.

Example: If a student is enrolled in “Biology B.Sc.” he/she will have to take the module Chemistry. The contact partner for all questions concerning an examination in this module is the examination office of the Chemistry Section.