Student bodies

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Student bodies are responsible for the entire student population within a department – sometimes they act on behalf of students of two or more departments. Student bodies are responsible for s acting on the behalf of all matterrelated to their department. Contact persons are the students who are members of the student body committee.

Links to the various student bodies of our faculty are listed below (in German):

Fachschaft Biochemie (Biochemistry)

Fachschaft Biologie (Biology)

Fachschaft Chemie (Chemistry)

Fachschaft Geographie (Geography)

Fachschaft Geowissenschaften (Geoscience)

Fachschaft Mathematik/Informatik (Mathematics/Computer Science)

Fachschaft Pharmazie (Pharmacy)

Fachschaft Physik (Physics)

Fachschaft Physik des Erdsystems (Physics of the Earth System)

Fachschaft Ur- und Frühgeschichte (Prehistoric and Historic Archeology)